Educating The People of Scotland


With gratitude to Police Scotland for introducing people from different areas of Scotland together who share the same ethos, experience and observations. We want police constables to adhere to their oath and follow their own regulations and Code of Ethics for policing in Scotland. We also want constables who arrest people unlawfully or issue Fixed Penalty Notices unlawfully to be held accountable to the people of Scotland who they are in a position to serve. And that constables declare memberships of secret societies. No one should be above the law just because they wear a police uniform or hold a position of authority.

Police (Scotland) Angels, fronted by Sandra Gallagher, Moira Brown and Samantha Kerr and is made up of your ‘average’ men and women living in Scotland – unlawfully arrested and incarcerated in cells for imaginary ‘crimes’ based on nothing more than guidance, rules and regulations WHICH ARE NOT LAW; or for merely offending someone by what they wrote or said.

Scotland is careering very dangerously towards totalitarian rule and this direction must be reversed immediately or everyone in society will suffer sustained oppression, including police constables themselves and their families. No one will escape this State oppression in which our inalienable human rights are TRASHED on a daily basis.

​You may say Police Scotland birthed the Angels truly on 11 January 2021 when they made unlawful arrests outside Holyrood in Edinburgh, punishing people for gathering to exercise their right to protest as outlined in the Human Rights Act 1998 article 10 & 11.

On arrival at Holyrood, protesters were greeted by hundreds of masked police who had gathered in anticipation and who were determined to take away the liberty of participants and stop the march going ahead. 

​A few days later, volunteers were arrested and charged in Dundee for running a volunteer library out of a suitcase in Dundee City Centre.



Police Angel Sandra has a background in child development and studied Law. She has an HNC in Legal services and Diploma in Law from Napier University. She was involved with the family court system for 9 years representing herself at sheriff court and court of session.

Sandra is committed to human rights and civil liberties. She was arrested sitting alone outside the Scottish parliament on 11th January 2021.

Sandra is involved in lived experience in community trauma and supports community individuals and groups. The nonsense case against her was dropped in March 2021 when she declined a fiscal fine and requested to proceed to court. To date nothing has been forthcoming from the COPFS (Crown Office Prosecution Fiscal Services).

Police Angel Moira is the author of QUESTIONING LOCKDOWN (published under her maiden name Malcolm) which was censored and withdrawn from sale from Amazon in January 2021 – likely because it is so truthful and well-researched.

The book also shows her bravery in speaking out against the Home Detention of innocent people, under the guise of a Public Health crisis, as early as 10 April 2020 in the form of a skipping protest because to speak out standing-still can now lead to any manner of punishment being meted out by Police Scotland.

​On 16th Jan 2021 (nine months after we were instructed to “Stay at Home” for three weeks so as not to overwhelm the NHS), Moira was arrested for standing-still in Dundee City Centre. She was lending books – a VAT “zero rated” basic essential outdoors at a time when all the public libraries in Dundee were closed and had been for the best part of a year. She was criminalised for an act of compassion.

​Moira’s arrest (and subsequent charge of ‘Culpable & Reckless Conduct’) demonstrates Political Policing at it’s finest. Police, in the Drug Death Capital of Europe didn’t approve of some books in her collection, were critical of what was written on leaflets in her possession, and for those reasons decided she deserved to be punished.

The vindictive case against her was finally dropped, the legal term is “not called”, 3 hours before the trial was due to take place. She is still, however, recovering from the trauma of it all and from the cost of legal representation which to date has been in excess of £2,000.


Police Angel Samantha has an extensive background in various departments of public service, and has always been an ‘activist’ at heart, an ardent trade unionist for support staff within Scottish Colleges, she sat on the the unprecedented national bargaining committee after the Scottish Colleges merger.

Police Angel Samantha’s area’s of expertise are within the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR UK and The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

A highly knowledgeable and skilled advocate dealing with all data protection, GDPR, Subject Access Requests, any form of personal data processing or data sharing and freedom of information requests.

Samantha offers the highest standard personalised data protection strategies, with robust methods of challenging any information rights concern, including progressing any disputes to the regulatory bodies where necessary. The highest standards of work are undertaken and assured on acceptance of any case tailored to your requirements discussed in depth in an initial consultation.

Samantha has a significant number of legal decision notices awarded by the Scottish Information Commissioner that proving a lawful basis on various points of law regarding various information requested from designated bodies under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requests and the lawful basis for data sharing, and drawn out various information and held in a FOI depository for reference and access to many other disclosures by other advocates in her team to evidence any supposition offered to the the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), should personal data not be being processed, retained and shared with other agencies.

Do you know what data is held about you on Police Scotland databases and why?

Your Personal Data Matters and can affect you when you least expect it.