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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Police Scotland policing ‘social distancing’?

NO. The above screenshot was taken before Police Scotland sneakily removed this information from its website.

Do I have to wear a face covering against my will?

NO. A face mask is a “medical intervention” therefore requires your INFORMED CONSENT. Also “mandates” (instructions) require your consent (see Sept 2021 blog post School rules on masks and testing for a detailed explanation.

Britain is a signaturee of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS.  Anyone who tries to force a medical intervention on to another human against their will (be it a mask, an invasive test or an experimental vaccine injection) IS BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW.

However, to avoid unlawful harassment, it is best to order an NHS exemption card. No one can be denied an exemption because only YOU know if covering your air ways causes you anxiety, distress or difficulty breathing.

If you are asked by any officious individual why you are not wearing a face covering respond “I’m exempt” . You do not have to prove your exemption to anyone and that includes the police. Alan Spiers, Assistant Chief Constable at Police Scotland has confirmed this to us in writing (see letter on blog post).

If approached by police, do I have to answer their questions?

NO. You don’t need to answer any questions unless the police suspect you of criminality.

If police come to my door asking questions do I have to let them in?

NO. Police have no right to enter your property without a warrant.

Can police stop and search me?


~ Lawful: That means in accordance with any legal duties imposed on officers, in particular under the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010, as well as any requirements of the statute(s) under which the
search is being conducted;
~ Necessary: That means that the search is required to locate harmful
items or confirm the possession of an illegal item(s); and
~ Proportionate: Both in the decision to carry out a stop and search and in the way in which a stop and search is conducted. In every case, officers must balance the rights of the person against the perceived benefit of the search

(see Police Scotland’s Operating Procedure regarding ‘Stop and Search‘.

If police tell me to stop filming do I have to stop?

NO. Keep filming because you might need this footage to defend yourself at a later date. There are no powers to prohibit the taking of photographs, film
or digital images in public places. GUIDANCE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Can police issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if I have traveled more than 5km from home or to a region placed in a higher tier/level?

They could but this would be unlawful because no legislation exists to stop you from travelling where ever you like within the British Isles. Fixed Penalty Notices issued in connection with Coronavirus Regulations ought to be challenged in a Court of Law.

If the government or my employer states covid vaccinations are ‘mandatory’ do I have to take the injections against my will?

NOMandate comes from Latin word mandātum which means “an order, instruction, commission, imperial directive, (in law) a consensual contract.” therefore your CONSENT is still required.

You can also direct anyone coercing or discriminating against you to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS Article 6.

Is it illegal to gather to protest or socialise during lockdown?

NO. The Police Angels put in a Freedom of Information Request to Iain Livingstone, the current Chief Constable of Police Scotland. SEE ANSWER BELOW.


Yet masked thugs at Police Scotland wield handcuffs from their waists and go around punishing people who gather indoors and outdoors which is a totally normal thing to do in the course of living your life.

By terrorising The People of Scotland in this manner, Police Scotland has run roughshod over our inalienable human rights. It would seem constables are now following orders given by private decree (which vary from week to week from Chief Constable Iain Livingstone) eg. last Autumn he decided no one across Scotland was allowed to play a musical instrument in a public park and he sent out his muzzled Rottweilers to stop anyone doing so.

Possibly the malicious arrests of the volunteers of Dundee’s Suitcase Library were made simply to up Police Scotland’s arrest stats. Either that or Iain Livingstone issued an order in January 2021 to arrest anyone in Scotland speaking out against the gov.’s lockdown policy. No legislation has to be broken to be a target of the mob.

At 0:35 onwards a passer-by asks twice, “Are you no fucking embarrassed?” The masked, gloved thug replies smiling, “Certainly not” as he closes the door shut on a 75-year-old woman who has broken no legislation whatsoever. The police constable is actually proud to be playing his part in making UNLAWFUL arrests.

Do Police Scotland constables have to wear face coverings outdoors when dealing with the public?

Police Scotland breaching regulations

On the contrary – their regulations do NOT permit them to obscure their faces when dealing with the public. Regulation 6.4.8 of Uniform and Appearance Standards (Police Officers) Standard Operating Procedure states: 

Officers must ensure that their face is not obscured when engaging with members of the public unless undertaking duties, such as Public Order, when circumstances dictate the use of specialist clothing and equipment.”

NOT BEING ABLE TO IDENTIFY POLICE CONSTABLES WHO ACT UNLAWFULLY (OR LAWFULLY) AGAINST US IS A SERIOUS VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SAID AND TO SEE THE IDENTITY OF WHO IS TAKING AWAY OUR LIBERTY. Also, it is now incredibly easy for deviants to impersonate police constables when faces are obscured and eyes can be hidden by these casual new baseball style caps.

Iain Livingstone’s FOI response (above) confirms there is no exemption to Regulation 6.4.8 of the Uniform and Appearance Standards Operating Procedure AND HE KNOWS IT! He is deliberately putting the general public in harms’ way.

See Moira’s Peg Basket comedy skit (with a serious message).


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