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What we do

Police (Scotland) Angels has earned its positive reputation as we go to lengths to investigate if due procedures, Human Rights laws and SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) have been adhered to. First and foremost the individuals’ welfare is our main concern.

We distribute Human Rights cards (see below) and act as legal observers at public gatherings/protests – watching Police Scotland watch you.

We educate men and women of their rights when they are approached or arrested by Police Scotland. Police have no powers to Stop And Account therefore you are not required to engage with them at all.

On the back of the Human Rights card, fill out your name, address, date of birth and include the details of a Criminal Defence Solicitor you trust. Be aware that duty solicitors are NEVER on your side.

Should masked thugs interrogate you for exercising your Human Right to roam, gather, protest etc. simply hand them this Human Right’s card (and use your right to remain silent). Should the situation escalate and you are arrested, use your one phone call to contact your solicitor.

Sandra pointing out police procedures to a masked cop in Edinburgh

~ We expose unlawful actions of police and authorities. 
~ We support and assist people who have been failed by authorities. 
~ We research procedures and laws that may not have been adhered to in individual cases. 

Keeping you safe from those keeping you safe…

According to news reports, The Metropolitan Police have accepted the role of legal observers at protests:

“It is believed to be the first time a police force has admitted the role played by legal observers during protests. The observers are independent volunteers who attend protests to monitor police conduct.”

For the avoidance of doubt Police Scotland Angels approved legal observers attend protests in an independent unbiased basis.

Police Scotland Angels are not event organisers, nor are they protesters, their attendance at any protest is solely for the purpose of providing legal services to protesters, and to scrutinise and monitor police conduct.

No such inference of any other agenda of our organisation’s intentions should be assumed, indeed where PSA legal observers have been in attendance at previous protests which most have passed without problematic incidents.

The presence of approved legal observers should be viewed in a positive manner as a positive conduit between both Police Scotland and protesters to ease any tension between protesters and Police personnel.

We fully understand that Police Scotland have a duty to ensure public order, ensuring the safety of participants and the wider community, which is a shared intent between Police Scotland and Police Scotland Angels legal observers. Police Scotland Angels do not condone any form of actual criminal behaviour from protesters.

The Metropolitan Police accepts the role of legal observers at protests.


The Metropolitan police has said legal observers at protests have an important role to play in the independent scrutiny of policing, as it dropped actions against four people who were arrested during “kill the bill” protests this spring.

It is believed to be the first time a police force has admitted the role played by legal observers during protests. The observers are independent volunteers who attend protests to monitor police conduct.

In a letter to Liberty, the force said it had previously treated legal observers the same as any other participant in a protest, but that it now accepted they were participating on an independent basis to provide legal services to protesters.

The letter added: “Now that the presence at protests of independent legal observers from BPLS has been brought to our attention, we accept that they have an important role to play in providing independent scrutiny of protests and the policing of protests.”

“So this challenge was not about legal observers securing better or different treatment,” the spokesperson said. “It was about holding the police to account and ensuring they cannot act with impunity on the ground.

“We won’t allow them to prevent us from monitoring their many unlawful actions against protesters – particularly those from black, brown and racialised groups. Even the Met have accepted our scrutiny is important.

“We have always know this scrutiny is vital because the police are institutionally violent and racist.”

The Met has been contacted for comment.