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Fewer than 5 (possibly zero) medical exemptions granted for covid jags in Tayside

A Freedom of Information request shows fewer than 5, could even be zero, people (out of a population of roughly 400,000) have been granted medical exemptions for these new covid drugs which use brand new mRNA technology.

Each pharmaceutical drug product being offered is still in testing, there is no long term safety data and, most crucially, there is no evidence of any real medical necessity for them. Also, the government’s own Yellow Card Reporting shows them to be highly dangerous.

The response to this FOI is extraordinary. It looks like a blanket no exemptions order has been delivered to GPs in Tayside – even though an “adverse reaction” from these covid drugs could be serious debilitating injuries, even DEATH, and cruel punishments are being meted out to those who do not consent to having repeat shots of experimental liquid squirted in their body.

If you don’t want to consent to testing or receiving covid injections, you can download a medical non consent declaration card here:

Alternatively, contact us by email if you require a few non consent cards to be sent to you via the Royal Mail.

With the right information and tools, together we can end this tyranny because it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting help any time soon from our GPs. Since March 2020, they have been unashamed aiding and abetting denying us face-to-face consultations and the trashing of our human rights regarding consent to medical interventions (masks, testing & experimental injections).

And never forget this alleged new disease named ‘covid-19’ was DOWNGRADED on 19 March 2020 from a HCID (High Consequence Infectious Disease). See document on the UK gov. website (you’ll have to scroll down down the gov. website page to see the Status of COVID-19 as shown below).

Safer medicines already in existence eg. Hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin, are being ignored in favour of these highly dangerous covid injections. AstraZeneca’s covid injection (whose inventor received a round of applause at Wimbledon) was quietly withdrawn after a coroner reported it was definitely the cause of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw’s death.

There was/is no evidence of any medical necessity for spending millions of tax-payers money on joke PPE, track&track surveillance, test kits, a furlough scheme and millions of doses of covid injections. NONE. The unpalatable truth is that the whole vaccination roll out in the UK was/is unlawful because the covid drugs are only authorised for “emergency use” and the emergency, if there ever was one, ended on 19 March 2020 when it was downgraded from a HCID. When the first covid injection was administered THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY.