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Alex Belfield phone in – Police Scotland Hogmanay Brutality.

Police Scotland Angel ‘Sandra’ Speaks at 20.16 minutes regarding bye law exemptions for Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland after the Police brutality in a Glasgow bar against law abiding guests who paid £40 a head for a relaxing meal to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

To view the footage of the bullyboy thuggery follow the link below:

Events in Edinburgh at Calton Hill, Police Scotland Angel Sandra attended.

“The police broached us and a sergeant tried to the pull drinking in public arena approach, clearly I had the law on me and educated the arrogant, wee policy officer the exemption below and boom off he ran !!”

2. Exemptions 

Exemptions allow for the byelaw to be suspended for a period of time in a particular area that the byelaws cover or for the whole byelaw to be suspended. Some exemptions do not have a title such as the exemption from 31 December to 1 January. 

(a)  on 31 December, from 6.00 pm until the end of that day; and 

(b) on 1 January, until 6.00 am

This is sheer thuggery, this is exactly what happens, police officers assault civilians and then arrest them for being assaulted. Its nothing new but in times like these they are taking advantage of Nicola’s ‘rules’ not law to intimidate, bully, assault and criminalise innocent people.

“A 60-year-old man and a 64-year-old woman were arrested for physically assaulting and being verbally abusive to police officers, and licensing offences.”

“No complaints have been received so far regarding officers conduct, if any member of the public wishes to make a complaint against an officer they can call 101 or complete a form on our website.“ Enquiries into the incident remain ongoing.”

Look at the footage of the evening and you decide for yourselves who the criminals are.