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Expressed medical non consent declaration cards.

Police (Scotland) Angels has earned its positive reputation as we go to lengths to investigate if due procedures, Human Rights laws and SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) have been adhered to. First and foremost the individuals’ welfare is our main concern.

Police Scotland Angels announce Medical Expressed Non Consent Declaration.

We are now distributing Expressed medical non consent declaration cards (see below). So when ‘they’ come for us and our children, simply pass the completed card over to your oppressors. We advise you have two cards completed for each person and keep the second card with a trusted person or in your home.

If you wish to use these for a minor, simply put your name for example:


This card has already been used to save harm a 9 year old child who completed it on her behalf by her mother.

UPDATE – Since Sandra spoke in Edinburgh, Police Angel volunteers have handed out 1000+ medical non consent declaration cards to the good people of Scotland resisting this campaign of terror. The cards have mainly been distributed at freedom rallies. Alternatively, you can download an A4 copy here and print it out (write your full name in capitals and sign it) ready to show to anyone who tries to coerce you or your child to take injections or tests against your will:

Sandra talks you through the Expressed medical non consent declaration cards designed to help you resist unlawful State aggression.