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Small Claims 101

From a recent small claim success has risen a fantastic initiative that can be carried out nationwide and even internationally – the Covid regulations are breaching human rights worldwide after all.

Every business dreads getting a small claim or being sued, so it is time to teach the businesses that the men and women are the ones they need to listen to…

So we need to get the message to the business owners that they are at risk of litigation. We do not want to catch people off guard to make a quick buck (ideally we want all the owners to take heed of the warning and no-one to have a small claim against them) so that starts with informing them of the lawful facts that should they discriminate they are liable for a legal claim.

Then we go back and visit them a few weeks later (again if they bring in vx pprts) and claim against any business who is not being lawful in their actions and is discriminating in any way and keep revisiting them with different people making claims until they change their ways.

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Your legal fiction/strawman and removing yourself from this system with Lawful Rebellion:

Files for you with some handy information about discrimination and the forms you require, an idea of how to go about this initiative including paperwork for business owners with a spreadsheet for you to use are here:!AjLEGXD8giKczT14ULhfj2xa_Jv1?e=fUAVmd

Please join us on telegram where these documents are also available as a pinned post at:

https://t.me post your progress and feedback and ask any questions you may have.

Please post your progress and feedback and ask any questions you may have.

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Lawful rebellion gives people the power to stand up to the system and legally take back your sovereignty from the queen, acts and statutes no longer apply to you any more.

We also help people in need of help with debts, giving key points on how to handle debt collectors, courts etc.

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