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Response from Anas Sarwar – door to door vaccination threats

EMAIL RESPONSE: from Anas Sarwar MSP to our comrades at Declaration of Dumfries.

Police Scotland Angels QUOTE:

“Anas Sarwar did not say on Question Time that the NHS ‘knows who’ is not vaccinated. Mr Sarwar MSP said “WE know who’s not vaccinated.” In this response he is still proposing “home visits”. His threat still stands.”

It is also known that there is a DPA2018 and GDPRUK Compliant Information Sharing Agreement between Public Health Scotland and Police Scotland: Therefore Mr Sarwar is being sparing with the truth about how safe and secure that data they hold actually is. The full freedom of information request can be found at:

Information Sharing Agreement between Police Scotland and Public Health Scotland. – Police (Scotland) Angels (

Police Scotland Angels would like to thank our comrades at Declaration of Dumfries for their exceptional work.