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URGENT MESSAGE – Saturday 2 October – meet at the spot marked by a red cross on the map (below) at the entrance to the public space in front of Dynamic Earth.

As of TODAY, 1 October 2021 (ONE DAY prior to a visit to the Scottish Parliament by The Queen, Charles and Camilla) an enormous area around the parliament building has been added to DESIGNATED SITES UNDER SECTION 129 of THE SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME AND POLICE ACT 2005.

Message from Police Angel Sandra (to avoid arrest please listen):

I would urge people to meet at Dynamic earth (I will be there from 11.30am onwards have yellow legal observer jacket on)  so we can get the lay out and legality in place for peoples safety in retaining their liberty.

There is no parking in the area so be mindful of that.

There will be a high police presence. Do not engage with the police and do not walk through the area of the parliament until we can establish what the feel of the area is and what tactics are being deployed. Have your human rights card filled in and do not engage.”

How did this draconian measure come about?

It was the UK Home Secretary (and pal of Benjamin Netanyahu) Pritel Patel who categorised the Scottish parliament building a “DESIGNATED SITE”. This was in response to a request made by the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body, made up of these 4 MSPs (only Maggie Chapman objected):

  • Maggie Chapman MSP: Business support and Officeholders
  • Jackson Carlaw MSP: Finance and organisation governance
  • Claire Baker MSP: Digital services, resilience and sustainability
  • Christine Grahame MSP: Engagement and communications

Thanks to authoritarian monster MSPs, we, the People of Scotland now require permission to enter the monstrosity WE PAID FOR. But it’s worse than that – just walking the perimeter of this enormous “designated site” or walking/sitting in the landscaped, grassy area to the side of the parliament building can lead to arrest and up to one year in prison.

Time will tell which unfortunate souls Police Scotland will choose to target – just for being within the area outlined by a dotted line, which they may or not be aware of. The People of Scotland must also be wondering, since the building is owned by us and frequented by politicians who represent us (ha ha) who they are supposed to seek permission from in order to walk, stand or sit within this newly “designated site” in their capital city.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer as the inhumane Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 rages on that MSPs actually believe they rule over us and that they have the right to restrict our movement and lock us up whenever they please.