Educating The People of Scotland

Scotland's Angels


As Police Scotland increase their operations for the COP26 summit in Glasgow as 10,000 protesters are expected to descend on the city. UK cops helping at COP26 will be send home if they use heavy handed tactics said ACC Bernard Higgins responsible for security at November’s climate change conference.

ACC Higgins said the force was committed to a “fair and friendly” approach and “mutual aid cops” who step out of line are in line to be sent homewards back below Hadrian’s Wall immediately.

Police Scotland Angels will be present at COP26 as Legal Advisors, educating people on their rights, a visible presence to Police Scotland and their Met Police Colleagues that we will not tolerate anything less than the peoples statutory rights and freedoms, excessive use of force, and any ultra vires arrests they expect to make will be recorded and challenged.

The Cost to the UK Government for the COP 26 climate change conference with an overtime bill of £20m, means that extra money is being spent ensuring custody centres are able to cope with the processing capacity of the number of arrests expected. The Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service is all set for custody cases as each party to the criminal justice change prepare for the increase in work, meaning that COP26 is the highlight money spinner of the year for all involved in the Scottish Criminal Justice Service.

Warning to protesters, Keep Safe, don’t allow them to make merchandise of you by unlawful use of their catch call breach of the peace – Section 38 of the Criminal Licencing and Justice (Scotland) Act 2010. You are a source of income to them.