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School rules on masks and testing

Wherever you live in the British Isles “mandatory” instructions still require your consent. The article (below) written by Camille Turner (The Telegraph‘s Education Correspondent) confirms face coverings and testing in schools is ALL VOLUNTARY.

The government uses clever wording to trick us into compliance. Don’t be fooled.

Mandate comes from Latin word mandātum which means “an order, instruction, commission, imperial directive, (in law) a consensual contract.” If you do not consent to the contract no one can force you to cover your airways or take a test against your will.

Head Teachers are also being fooled into compliance. They believe (wrongly) that they have to follow the mask/testing mandates issued from the Education Department. However, should a tragedy occur it’ll be the teacher who forced the child to wear a mask who will be in the dock charged with ‘manslaughter’ (NOT the government official who issued the inhumane mandate).

When in school, teachers are ‘loco parentis’ meaning the parents delegate to the school certain responsibilities for their children and the school has certain liabilities. They will be held liable. Below is a suggested memo which can be given to Head Teachers.

The article (below) was published on page 5 in November’s excellent edition of The Light truthpaper. Consultant Neurologist, Dr Margarite Griesz-Brisson explained, “To deprive a child’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely CRIMINAL”. And she should know! Scotland’s National Clinical Director, Professor Jason Leitch who advises the Scottish Government on health matters is a dentist!