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Baroness Casey Review – Metropolitan Police

Interim Report on Misconduct

Terms of reference: Baroness Casey Review

Agreed by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service and Baroness Casey of Blackstock.


To undertake a review into the standards of behaviour and internal culture of the Metropolitan Police Service and make recommendations on the actions required.

Scope of review

  • Examine the extent to which there is sufficient clarity (and consistency) on the standards of behaviour expected by officers, staff and volunteers working in the MPS, and consider whether current expectations are appropriate.
  • Examine adherence to those standards across the MPS and what changes might be required to ensure the high standards expected are routinely followed.
  • Consider what changes are required to the Met’s internal culture to build high levels of public trust in the service, and the highest levels of employee engagement.
  • Listen to and engage with a broad range of current and former Met personnel and other stakeholders, to understand the lived experience of current Met culture and standards.
  • Review as appropriate relevant systems, policies or processes in the Met to understand whether change is required.
  • Consider the impact of the wider regulatory context in which the Met is operating and whether this creates any barriers.
  • Review the relevant programmes of work the Met already have in train that link to the above and suggest improvements and prioritisation, and how learning is embedded, applied consistently and communicated publicly.
  • Examine the Met’s approach to transparency as an organisation.
  • Consider learning from other sectors and internationally.
  • Make overall recommendations for change by the Met and by its key partners, including City Hall and Government, having regard to the work of the forthcoming QC-led inquiry recently announced by the Home Secretary.

Proposed framework for the review

  • 9-12 month review, to be led by Baroness Casey of Blackstock.
  • The review team will have full access to all appropriate1 documents, correspondence, oral and written evidence or other materials the reviewer judges necessary.
  • The independent reviewer will appoint an external advisory board.
  • The independent reviewer will be suitably supported with a secretariat, research and analysis functions, as required.
  • The findings of the review will be submitted to the MPS Commissioner for factual and contextual accuracy and published on the MPS website.

It is acknowledged that separate disclosure and data sharing agreements will need to be developed and agreed between Baroness Casey and the Commissioner.

Baroness Casey’s letter to Commissioner

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley’s letter to Baroness Casey on misconduct.