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Progress Review of Police Scotland’s response to online child sexual abuse and exploitation


Hi Angels,

Record Management Systems – Databases – a Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland – WhatDoTheyKnow

Someone has left an annotation at this FOI request regarding ‘Progress Review of Police Scotland’s response to online child sexual abuse and exploitation’

Police Professional | No ‘overarching strategic response’ to online child sexual abuse

A lack of resources means online child sexual abuse is not given enough priority by Police Scotland, according to a new report published yesterday (February 26).

’19. During our progress review we learned that the force was seeking a new data management system for managing intelligence packages. This would replace the current outdated application. The benefit of the new system would include providing the intelligence community with a workflow management process so that enforcement activity can be tracked from an end to end state.

20. Police Scotland’s funding arrangements for the new data management system has been challenging and delays in procurement with the provider have also been recognised and addressed. HMICS highlights this development as being critical to effectively manage intelligence packages and provide an accurate assessment of trends in demand for investigative and digital forensic resources.’

The Data Protection and information sharing issue may well be of interest to Police Scotland Angels.