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Scotland's Angels

JOIN THE FREEDOM FAMILY – this time on Saturday 6 August 2022 in Dunfermline

DUNFERMLINE – 6 AUGUST 2022 at 1pm. GATHER at Pittencrieff Park pavilion (walk start and ends there). Pre-gathering family fun and live music from 12-1pm.

It’s a simple format. We gather and then walk through towns and cities speaking truth as we go.

MARTINA CANNON will be performing in Dunfermline

DEEK JACKSON will be performing in Dunfermline

RUSS TAYLOR will be performing in Dunfermline

Billy Watson will speak on the topic of NO VIRUS and NO CONTAGION. 

Virology junk science MUST be exposed because this is what is being used to sell dangerous drugs and terrorise us forever and ever.  Billy Watson has done so much research on the topic that he is now good friends with world experts.  He also looks great in tartan.

This a human tragedy which has to be exposed. Please come along on Sat 6 August 2022 to share your story if you or a anyone you know has been harmed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A temporary exhibition will be on display at the Main Entrance to Pittencrieff Park from 1pm onwards,


CIRCULAR WALK – STARTS and ENDS at Pittencrieff Park Pavilion.

DON’T MISS IT! And don’t forget to wear tartan.

To see excellent post-rally video footage please subscribe to these YouTube channels – FREEDOM WALKER | NOW I SEE