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COVID-19 is OBVIOUS Medical Fraud but will Police Scotland investigate?


Any decent criminal prosecutor could nail Nicola Sturgeon (and her accomplices) SO EASILY.

Two Freedom Of Information request responses (from 2020) PROVE not one traitor in the Scottish Government, or at Public Health Scotland, saw concrete evidence (or any evidence) that SARS-COV-2 and covid-19 existed prior to destroying the lives and livelihoods of The People of Scotland.

The letter below (along with two CRUCIAL FOIs also below) were sent this week to Govan Police Station to add to evidence already submitted in January 2022 by activists, which included evidence of vaccine injury, when they received the Incident / Crime Number PS-20220120-1333 (more details here).

Incident / Crime Number 20220120-1333

MSPs have passed never-ending INHUMANE LEGISLATION on the back of this fraud, introduced barbaric hospital protocols on the back of this fraud, forced workers and school children to wear face masks for up to 8 hours a day on the back of this fraud, destroyed businesses on the back of this fraud, caused untold suffering to those residing in Care Homes and institutional residential settings on the back of this fraud, turned Scotland into a Police State on the back of this fraud.

During the financial year 2021-22 the Scottish Government SPENT OVER £5.7 BILLION IN RELATION TO COVID on the back of this fraud.

TESTING “for covid” is based on one CRUCIAL, FALSE assumption:

~ that SARS-COV-2 exists (yet the Scottish Government can provide no proof whatsoever).

This nightmare only ends when testing is halted, when the covid vaccination programme is ended and when doctors stop mentioning ‘covid-19’ on Death Certificates AND crucially when the perpetrators of this most heinous crime are brought to justice.

The good news is that when testing ends, the disease named “covid-19” disappears BECAUSE “covid-19” ONLY EXISTS ON THE BACK OF A FRAUDULENT TEST AND ON FRAUDULENT DEATH CERTIFICATES (because a fictitious disease can only exists in a fictional novel).