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Barclays Bank default payment database SCAM

Pirates Ahoy!

SCAM: Barclays wrongly, and rightly for Barclays Bank Plc., puts customers on a default payments database so they can’t leave for a better deal!

The following, EVIDENCE OF FINANCIAL FRAUD, is quoted from this Guardian article, dated 13 Nov 2021:

J.N. in Edinburgh told Guardian Money, “Every month my mortgage has been paid without fail but Barclays has told Experian that I have missed three payments over the last six years, wrecking my credit score.” 

G.W from Surrey said, “It’s a nightmare. Due to them I have been unable to move my credit card balance to a cheaper deal”.

Welcome to the Hotel Bank California –

where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

Barclays Bank could write a book titled ‘EASY BANKING SCAMS’. 

Step1:  Make direct (and indirect) “mistakes” to prevent customers leaving. 

Step 2: Fail to sort “mistakes” holding customers to ransom.

The Guardian article states,

Despite being aware of the problems, which appear to particularly affect former customers of Woolwich, which Barclays took over in 2000, staff have seemingly been unable to remove the references.”

Step 3: Use courts and police to terrorise anyone who dares challenge the bank’s Ponzi Scheme.

Barclays Bank Plc makes out no one knows how to delete entries from a database!!! Have you ever heard the like? All a Database Administrater needs to do is run a DELETE query. However, that would end end the financial scam and Barclays Pirate Bank Plc clearly doesn’t want to do that, because it is getting away with Operation Fleecing.