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Barclays Bank Mortgage Interest Scam after Woolwich take-over.

Police (Scotland) Angels act as Legal Observers when Sheriff Officers came to repossess a family home on 1 June 2022

Police Angels in Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland
Legal Observer volunteers outside a home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.

History of dispute with Barclays Bank

Mark and Alison (of the Clan McCathie) who live in Kirkcaldy, Scotland paid their mortgage without missing a single payment for 25 years yet this couple are being terrorised by The State on behalf of Barclays Bank. 

Since the acquisition of the Woolwich, Barclays Bank has been acting like Dick Turpin towards customers they inherited along with the takeover. Unbelievably, without them signing documentation, Barclays Bank locked Mark and Alison into a DIFFERENT set of interest conditions which they did not consent to. 

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court fishy business

Did ‘The Sheriff’ (as described on the typed-up piece of A4 semantic legal argot uttering fraudulent paper in possession of Sheriff Officers acting in a colour of office on 1 June 2022) not provide his/her name, or put a wet ink signature on the piece of paper, because he/she didn’t want to be held accountable for “aiding and abetting”  Art in Part this financial fraud Tyranny and Treachery?

The piece of typed up A4 worthless paper, incorrectly described as an alleged extract decree, or order, or an unwarranted “warrant”, could have been typed up by a child. Also, there was no official court stamp on the piece of paper with two wet ink penal signatures to prove its authenticity which suggests something very fishy is going on behind the scenes at Kirkcaldy Sheriff inferior prorogated Court.

Police Constables at the scene

The dialogue of the first Sheriff Officer on the scene suggests police constables acting in a colour of office would normally provided back-up force to his team of thugs because at 31:42 he says to the police,

I don’t understand why I can’t have assistance from you guys“.

Also, at 15:15 a police constable (trying to sound reasonable) says,

We’re here to help THEM!!!!” (help the Sheriff Officers).

The People of Scotland urgently require clarification as to whom Police Constables in Scotland swear an oath to (described in this F.O.I as an Oath of Office) becasue since the CORPORATION, Police Scotland was formed in 2014, there has been little attempt, if any, to protect the public and every attempt to intimidate, punish, incarcerate and to rob living men and women of everything we own.

Outcome averted

For anyone viewing the video footage above it seems like a tragic outcome was only averted because supporters of Mark and Alison, some of whom had driven from England and included a former CID policeman, formed a wall of defence.

On this occasion Sheriff Officers left empty-handed. Unfortunately this organised CRIME CARTEL (Barclays Bank + Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service + Police Scotland) will be planning their next move. Police (Scotland) Angels will keep you updated on this most serious case which involves State harassment, injustice and attempts to steal a much-love AND FULLY PAID FOR family home.

Article by PSA Moira.

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