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Medical exemptions (or lack of them) for experimental Covid products

Great detective work sent to us by Richard Clark who lives in Tayside.

Richard sent Freedom Of Information Requests (FOI) to all the NHS boards in Scotland. He asked,

I hereby request the health board to release the number of medical exemptions granted for the Covid vaccinations? “

Read Richard’s testimony (below) and learn of the staggeringly low number of vaccine exemptions awarded in each region of Scotland. It’s as if all doctors working in NHS Scotland were sent a memo.

Anyone who has on their medical record certain medical conditions, or has suffered a life-threatening anaphylactic shock instantly after receiving a pharmaceutical drug, ought to have been sent an automatic medical exemption from their doctors’ surgery. They shouldn’t have had to ask, never mind beg.

NHS doctors in Scotland who refused all their patients’ medical exemptions for several doses of a rushed-to-market drug with no long term safety data, and dire short term safety data, have shown themselves to be on a par with the deceased Dr. Joseph Mengeles who must right now be smiling down from hell.