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People spied on by Britain’s political secret police

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

Have a good read of this website Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance. It is enlightening to learn how The State really operates to protect the most powerful – no matter how many human rights abuses are committed along the way.

Undercover cops with fake identities (including the identities of dead children) betray the people they spy on in unimaginable ways. They even father children and some live with women for years before disappearing into the sunset.

Guardian article dated 27 July 2017: Undercover police spied on more than 1,000 political groups in UK

SPYCOPS are a law unto themselves, there are NO boundaries, and this form of undercover “policing” was/is common place. Undercover cops can do what they like. NOTHING is off limits to them.

A cover up (I mean “enquiry”) IS TAKING PLACE IN LONDON RIGHT NOW covering England & Wales! However, the former spy cops are being permitted to give their evidence behind closed doors!!!! And of course, surprise surprise, there is a media blackout. If there wasn’t you would surely know about it.

It’s worth learning how these scum bags operate because secret policing was/is just as prevalent in Scotland, it’s just a police cover up (I mean “enquiry”) has so far been denied north of the border – Judge rejects call for inquiry into undercover policing in Scotland.