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According to the dictionary definition, protest marches are NOT ‘processions’

Sturgeon’s Stasi now claiming peaceful freedom protest marches are ‘processions’ in order to arrest peaceful protestors, despite the fact protesters DON’T walk ‘in a line’ or in ‘regular formation’ as outlined in the Collins’ dictionary definitions below.

Police Scotland now arresting peaceful protesters for attending ‘unauthorised processions’ under Section 65 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. Only marches against covid tyranny though are considered ‘processions’.

Protestors at every march walked in IRREGULAR, NOT regular formation.

We now have an ANONYMOUS police force in Scotland abusing the brutal and lengthy Criminal Justice system process to punish peaceful protesters whose views do not match Nicola Sturgeon’s.

The footage below was taken on Saturday 19 February 2022 in Glasgow when police intimidation and entrapment was the order of the day.


The practice of putting people in a tiny, windowless cage (see video below) is particularly cruel. Once that double door of the police van is shut it is a horrific experience for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia. Only a cruel person would leave a dog in such a space.

How many anonymous police thugs does it take to kettle and arrest one little drummer boy? See answer below.

In the video below a policewoman makes a point of touching the arm of a peaceful protester AFTER the march had ended.

The same peaceful red-haired woman is followed by the gang of anonymous thugs from George Square to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. They lie in wait outside the art gallery and pounced to arrest her and her companion on re-emerging.

On capturing the women, an anonymous uniformed thug signals the thumbs up sign in the direction of a distressed onlooker. This demonstrates just how cocky and out-of-control they are.

Is Police Scotland keeping people safe or it is a police force terrorising the people? You decide.