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Data protection and coronavirus –what are your information rights?

As workplaces begin to open up and lockdown restrictions start to ease, it’s important you know what your data protection rights are when it comes to your personal information.

Here’s a few things to remember or to consider if you’re going back to work or visiting places:

  • If you’re asked if you have experienced coronavirus symptoms or to take a test, you have certain rights under data protection law. You’re entitled to know what personal data is being collected about you, why it’s being collected and how long it’s going to be held for.
  • It should also be easy for you to request a copy of your data that has been recorded (called a subject access request or SAR). Details on what to include if you’re making a SAR are available on our website.
  • You may be asked questions about your general health, and possibly the health of your family members. This information is protected under data protection law, and means that whoever is using this information must take extra care with it.
  • Your employer may decide to use symptom trackers or other methods to monitor for coronavirus and social distancing rules. They should tell you if they’re considering doing this, and explain to you why they think it’s necessary. If you are concerned about how your personal data is being handled, you should raise this with the organisation involved.

Guidance from the Information Commissioners Office

Elizabeth Denholm the previous Information Commissioner has just stepped down enter new information Commissioner John Edwards.