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Message sent to Unite the Union in response to No jab No job article on BBC News

BBC Article: Covid in Scotland: Oil firm’s mandatory vaccinations ‘draconian’

Message sent to Unite Union:

Today I sent urgent information to your organisation via the online form on your website but as yet I have received no acknowledgement. This is what I wrote:

I read on BBC News today that “Canadian Natural Resources (CNR), which has a base in Aberdeen, will only allow staff and contractors vaccinated against Covid to be offshore.”

In case you are unaware, there is a criminal investigation into the covid-19 vaccinations (case number: 6029679/21)

Anyone aware of this investigation (who continues to coerce anyone into taking these dangerous covid-19 injections) could, in future, be charged with manslaughter, even murder.

Hammersmith Police Station is dealing with the investigation, however all regional police forces have been informed. To be certain that Nicola Sturgeon, Jason Leitch, Humza Yousaf, Dr Gregor Smith, the Chief Exec of NHS Scotland, Caroline Lamb etc. cannot claim in a future criminal trial that they didn’t know – a letter has been sent to Nicola Sturgeon and copied to the others.

Please make Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) aware of this Criminal Investigation and ensure that the entire board of this company is aware that in future they could face murder charges as a result of their “No jab No Job” policy in Scotland.

Dundee Activist
Moira Brown